What to Expect

We look forward to meeting you!

We gather together every Sunday at 10 AM at a local middle school located at 125 Meadowbrook Rd. Newton, MA 02459.

We also invite you to join in on our morning prayer at 9:30 AM in the cafeteria prior to service. The focus of our prayer is that the Lord would use our worship service to bring revival to our hearts, church, and community.

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What to Expect on Sundays

  • Service Times and Lengths: We begin our worship service at 10 AM. On most Sundays, we will finish our service by 11:30 AM, followed up a wonderful fellowship time with coffee and bagels.
  • Service Elements: We worship through the reading of the Bible, participation in liturgy, singing of songs, and prayer.
  • Dress: Dress comfortably. Most of us will be in casual clothes (e.g., t-shirt and jeans/slacks; even shorts when it gets hot).
  • Songs We Sing: We sing a mix of modern and traditional worship songs. Please listen to our Spotify Playlist for the songs that we are singing as a church. The songs for the upcoming Sundays are at the top and are updated by Wednesday of each week.
  • Kids' Church: Children join the rest of the church for the first half of service (call to worship, opening songs, and confession of faith). Following prayer for children, children from nursery through Grade 5 join GraceKids' Church. Please contact Hanna with any questions about Kids' Church. Currently, we do not have a separate Sunday school for our youths (Grade 6-12).